My lunch>yours Dim Sum near Chinatown in San Francisco
Really amazing welcome note on the front of Lagunitas brewery’s menus. What an amazing place.
Had In-N-Out for the first time in my life tonight
I ate this heart attack earlier without the assistant of utensils and was disgustedly pleased with myself

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything

I’m road tripping for the next few weeks so don’t have the time to keep up. Will be posting pictures and periodical updates though!!

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Sunset on the sundial bridge in Redding, CA featuring summer fires
#tbt to that time @marcus11wsu had braces and was still the best. Thank you for letting me stay at your home the past two nights and showing me some of the wonders of Portland. You da bes and I shall see you when we both get back to Pullman!!
Yesterday I got to go to The Grotto, as I try to do every time I am in Portland. Such a peaceful and beautiful place. Definitely a great place to clear your mind
Today is my first day adventuring! Also, having a super solid hair day. Look out Portland!

Happy birthday! Go hard, but not too hard, but still hard :b
Going hard til I die! But nah I drank smart last night and will again today =)

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Poor picture but first legal drink at the Coug last night! Dogfish IPA. 10/10 would recommend

w3ndyclear asked: Happy birthday! I hope you have a rad day :)

Thank you so much! =D Should be an fantastic day!

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Dear world

Today is my 21st birthday and I am not super hungover. I believe that I have won life

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